There are three areas to keep in mind for submissions: Length, Content, and Technical Requirements.

The recommended page limit for comic submissions is 20 pages. We prefer for comics to be around 10 pages, as comics around 20 pages can be difficult to sequence in the magazine. Often times they end up at the end or middle of the magazine, so we prefer to run two or less large comics per issue. If we have too many large comics completed for a single issue, we may ask to hold onto one or more for the next issue.

Because larger comics are a huge undertaking, it’s not recommended for newcomers to tackle them. However, we don’t restrict anyone from trying them. Why? We’re a magazine about helping people learn to make comics. Failure is a huge part of learning, and people must be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. If a larger project defeats you it’ll help you learn to scale back your ambitions and accurately assess what you’re capable of.

That said, do a short comic as your first project. Seriously.

Our magazine has no particular theme. Stories of any genre are accepted, though certain genres tend to work better for short comics than others. Some swearing and nudity is fine, but outright pornographic comics are not. We’d like to upload the comic to sites like Comixology in the future, and many have content restrictions, so think ahead as we may end up asking you to edit your comic to meet one of these site’s standards.

You must hold the copyright to anything you submit (that means no fanfiction). Please ensure all creators of the work consent to its submission. Copyright of all comics included in the anthology remain with its creators. However, we will be trying to get the magazine hosted on sites like Comixology in the future, so contact us in advance if you have any objections to a particular site.

The most important rule is to tell a story with your comic. Focus on making one-shots or an episodic ongoing series. For the latter, each entry must be a satisfying read on its own and not require further reading to be enjoyed. Doctor Who or Adventure Time are examples of this kind of storytelling- it has a continuity but you can hop in at any point and still understand and enjoy it.

Technical Requirements:
This is the most important section to read in this post. If your comic does not meet these requirements, we can’t run it.

The magazine’s pages are A4 sized at 200ppi- 1654×2339 pixels. Send your images into us at a high resolution (we will adjust them in InDesign as necessary). Avoid JPEG compression and save your images in a high quality .TIF, .PNG or .EPS format. Do not use transparency and save your files in RGB color. Every comic must feature a title and full credits on its first page. Do not include page numbers on your pages.

For further reading, it is highly recommended to read this post from the tumblr for understanding what we expect from the emails your submissions will be in.


  • We do not publish prose stories.
  • Please do not send us unsolicited covers.
  • If work you’ve seen in Premier Pulp Comics contrasts with any information given here, that’s because the requirements have changed! Some in progress comics are given allowances to transition to fulfilling requirements, but new ones will not. Always refer to this page – don’t assume that because something was allowed in issue 1 that we’re currently accepting it. This most notably applies to our new policy on standalone comics being a requirement.
  • Even if we think your current work isn’t right for publication in the next issue of Pulp, or you feel that way when beginning it and don’t intend to submit it for publication, feel free to use our deadlines if they help motivate you, seek feedback from our community and avail yourself of our resources. We’re all about amateurs helping amateurs make comics, whether or not you’re a magazine contributor.

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