Pulp Issue Archive

Premier Comics, Winter 2016: Download in PDF and CBR. Cover art by Jersh.

Premier Pulp Comics, August 2013: Download in PDF. Cover art by Raph13th.

Premier Pulp Comics April p01.jpg
Premier Pulp Comics, April 2013: Download in CBR or PDF. Cover art by Jim Stacey.

Art by Troy Green
Premier Pulp Comics, February 2013: Download in CBR or PDF. Cover art by Troy Green.

PPC 2012 p
Premier Pulp Comics 2012 – January 2013: Download in CBR or PDF.

Issue 4
– November 2012: Download in CBR or PDF. Cover art by Pal-El.

Issue 3
– August 2012: Download in CBR or PDF. Cover art by Mario Maján.

Issue 2 – May 2012:  Download in CBR or PDF. Cover art by Pal-El.

Issue 1 – March 2012: Download in CBR or PDF.


Submission Tutorial

With the Entry Deadline coming up, I thought I’d take the time to outline how your submissions to us should look.

First up is your email’s subject line. Keep it professional. Use something like this:

Subject: X Submission – Comic Name by Author/Authors
-> Example: February 2013 Submission – Sprite by Oruguin
-> Avoid: Submission/Here’s my comic/Sorry I’m late/etc.

For the content of your email, it’s straightforward. Try to hit these points:

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Premier Pulp! #4 Coming November


Keep an eye out this November for Issue 4 of Premier Pulp! If you’re interested in getting involved, contact us before September 5th, the entry deadline. You can find all the deadline requirements and submission guidelines right at the top of this blog. Stop by the IRC channel if you have any quick questions about anything or drop a comment here. The channel can be found here: http://www.mibbit.com/#Pulp@irc.rizon.net

Issue 3 of Premier Pulp!

It’s that time again! 99 pages of the internet’s premier comics magazine served up for your enjoyment, absolutely free! We’ve got a dozen comics for you this issue, and we’d wager they’re our best dozen yet! What are you waiting for? Download a copy right away! You’ve got a choice of two formats:

CBR download (81MB)
PDF download (88MB)

To read CBR files, we recommend CDisplayEx for Windows and FFview for Mac. Make sure to leave feedback in the comments, or contact us on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook!

Update: You can now also download the CBR copy of issue 3 over BitTorrent.

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7 tips for making good Pulp! comics

Issue 3’s cycle is coming to a close, and in a couple of weeks its release shall be upon us. Already, contributors are thinking about what they’ll be doing for issue 4. Pretty soon we’ll have eager new faces showing up with fresh ideas, and old hands turning to new projects.
We’ll also have the same common trip-ups from old and new alike when it comes to working in the quite specific medium that is a short, anthologised digital comic. That’s right, folks, it’s time for another vaguely patronising tip list! Last time we looked at some specifics about the process of writing, this time around we’ll go through some more general things you want to keep in mind whether you’re a writer, artist or both. These are the things we look at when assessing how effective a finished comics is; if you achieve all of the below with your final submission you’ll likely be well ahead of the curve and guaranteed a slot.

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Premier Pulp! #3 coming August


Premier Pulp! returns this August with – dare I say it – our finest issue yet. Stay tuned until then for previews coming over the next month.

5 tips for Pulp! writers

Today I’m going to run through 5 things to keep in mind when writing your Premier Pulp! story, whether you’re working with an artist or drawing your own work. This is not a general writing guide – there are unspeakable amounts of material for that already – or a technical guide to writing comic scripts. These are a few lessons we’ve picked up specifically from the pitfalls of many of the scripts written for Pulp! so far. Check your work for these things and you’ve probably gone a long way to avoiding having to rewrite your script once you submit it.

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