There are currently no deadlines planned at this moment. More information on them will be available in 2017.

For the entry deadline, you must send in your comic’s pitch. Things work differently depending on what kind of contributor you are.
1.) If you’re a writer – You will need to send in your script and the name of the artist you’re teaming up with.The only scripts that will meet the entry deadline are ones with an artist on board, so you need to find your partner before then!
2.) If you’re a solo artist – Many artists don’t write scripts, so a story outline is fine. Storyboards/layouts/thumbnails are preferable, as it shows us you’re more serious.

To summarize the progress deadlines – You’re showing us what you have completed on those days. You also have to send in a lettering sample so we can make sure your comic is legible ahead of time.

And for the final deadline, that’s when everything has to be complete. If you’re having trouble meeting this date, please tell us in advance and we may be able to make accommodations if you need a few more days (Things happen…). Otherwise, your comic will not run if it doesn’t make it. This means it’ll have to run in the following issue.

We do accept submissions in advance and projects that are already completed. However, for the latter, they must meet our submission requirements.

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