Submission Tutorial

With the Entry Deadline coming up, I thought I’d take the time to outline how your submissions to us should look.

First up is your email’s subject line. Keep it professional. Use something like this:

Subject: X Submission – Comic Name by Author/Authors
-> Example: February 2013 Submission – Sprite by Oruguin
-> Avoid: Submission/Here’s my comic/Sorry I’m late/etc.

For the content of your email, it’s straightforward. Try to hit these points:

Introduction: Hello, my name is… I am sending in COMIC NAME. My collaborator is/I’m working alone. This comic is a one-shot/ongoing and is X pages long. The basic gist of the comic is… The outline of the story itself goes like this… Beginning – Middle – End.

The Submission: I have zipped up all the storyboards/the script and am linking it to you in this email/linking you to a post on the forum where I made a topic for them.

Extra Info: My site is… You can contact me over email/this website. I have a question about/Etc. I am interested in helping with…

As for the spot on the forum you can post your submission at (assuming an artist is already attached or it’s a solo project), it’s here.

For the submission itself: “Your submission should include a script, and ideally any artistic supplements – in some way you should indicate you have the basis of the comic you want to create prepared. If you are exclusively a writer, you must find an artist to sign onto the project by this point to enter your comic into the deadline.”

Meaning? Sending in something like the following will be fine. Either:

A) A “rough” (storyboard/layouts/thumbnails) of your entire comic drawn.


I’ve shown a few pages from the Nancy and Winston comics, but you will need to send in entire rough comic this way. It doesn’t have to be detailed like Dustin’s either, nor does it have to completely reflect the final comic you intend to draw. If you take a look see, the second comic is different here in the early stages. This should be considered as an early draft.

B) A script of your comic (with some rough sketches)

Example: Mouth 1 Script Concept Art Work

Scripts come in a lot of different forms. I’ve read them all, I’m not picky. It’s nice though if it’s polished and doesn’t have to be deciphered. Including some kind of story summary at the start of the script itself, having a uniform format, and total page count/character list in the beginning can help. As far as the script’s content goes, you can read these posts. Remember, getting early feedback on the IRC channel or Forum helps a lot.

Communicating with us: Talking with us important. An example of a great communicator is Dustin. During the development of Nancy and Winston he was very direct in what areas of the comic he wanted to work on how/where he wanted help from us on. He also emailed us early and wasn’t shy about going back and forth with us on story ideas.

During these issues, I can work sometimes with an upwards of up to 40-60 or so people, more than half of which don’t make it, and it’s impossible to contact each one directly and check up on them every day. If you don’t let us know you need, I will assume that you are working on your comic without trouble. You have to take the initiative.

A note on the forum: During the development process, you can create a topic on the forum for your comic where you can upload everything you’re working on – including deadline submissions. Because you may have already put your stuff there, you can simply link us to the topic inside your email submission. No need to upload it again somewhere else!

Closing: It may seem like a to do, but trust me – I’ve examined a lot of submissions and put these rules in place because the submissions that were most likely to succeed already followed these on their own. It’s best to develop good habits now while you’re just starting out rather than getting in trouble for bad habits later!


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