Issue 3 of Premier Pulp!

It’s that time again! 99 pages of the internet’s premier comics magazine served up for your enjoyment, absolutely free! We’ve got a dozen comics for you this issue, and we’d wager they’re our best dozen yet! What are you waiting for? Download a copy right away! You’ve got a choice of two formats:

CBR download (81MB)
PDF download (88MB)

To read CBR files, we recommend CDisplayEx for Windows and FFview for Mac. Make sure to leave feedback in the comments, or contact us on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook!

Update: You can now also download the CBR copy of issue 3 over BitTorrent.

Cover by Mario Maján

Power Surge
& Hack Work
Al Sirois

Mouth (writer)

Mouth (artist)

Golden Gate (writer)

Golden Gate (artist)
Kaileigh Blue

Pen and Ink Guy

Combat Class
Federico Iglesias

Nancy and Winston
Dustin Jackson

Dead on Arrival


Oceans in the Sky: Felix & Lucy vs the Mummy
Steve Alphonse

The Lovely Ladybug (artists)
Malicious Alice

The Lovely Ladybug (writer)

Light Reading
Troy Green

Marketing and you
Phil Hampton

Premier Pulp! editor
Brian J M

Premier Pulp! editor
Jack Garren


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